This world

I like stories. I like ideas. I like concepts. And I like working with people who also like these things and like to produce things from these things.

Cultivating these things that I like through undergraduate and postgraduate studies (Central School of Speech and Drama: BA DATE; MA PPR) I keep up these likes by collaborating occasionally with friends who have had the confidence (and duly have my utmost respect) to produce these likes professionally.

…All the rest are just my fleeting thoughts, ideas and indulgences, for what they’re worth.

The real world

I am Research Manager and Policy Officer at the Leadership Foundation for Higher Education, managing the Leadership Foundation’s programme of research and working with the chief executive officer and her senior leadership team to enable the Leadership Foundation to engage with and contribute to sector discussions and consultations on higher education policy developments. 


For all enquiries, inquiries, praises, insults, comments, jokes, blurbs, whims, slanders, ganders, critical observations, reflexive concerns, narrative contributions, law suits, and/or wishes of health, merriment-

-too much?…