The Inevitable Heat Death of Daniela Ashe (Draft v1)


[Original image by Wolfgang Staudt]

[An elaboration and continuation of It all started with]

At 9.48am on a mildly warm and breezy late spring morning in Bath, a young man is tidying chairs and tables away in a large marquee, the evidence of the previous evening’s nuptials strewn haphazardly over the muslin carpet. His languid and arrhythmic movements betray signs of the night’s events, yet with the lingering impression of an accepting, almost satisfied, smile. Continue reading

The Archivist


[Original image by Aftab Uzzaman]

[A variation and continuation ofBefore I went to bed’ and another pieceThe Archivist]

Appearances were no longer of concern to me. Instead I’d decided I was taking a break from the world; from the parade self-indulgence that had suddenly become so glaringly obvious, yet to which I wished to return with every atom in my body. But it was too late: that boat had sailed, with a broken compass, an incomplete map and a blinkered captain. Continue reading