My writing questionnaire…


So I thought it high-time I took on a writing course; subjected myself to failure, learning, and perhaps even moderate success in completing something. Or perhaps I’ll just enjoy learning again, and meeting some interesting people.

Que sera, sera!

Why do I want to write?
Because it’s often quite tortuous to have an idea, insight, fleet-of-foot line of thought that you then do no follow

(because you think: Why?) and thus do not share, that might inspire, explore, entertain or simply ‘put into the world’ that which moments later will have otherwise faded into memory like an unscratched itch that has run its course… It needn’t live and die within me.

What do I want to write about?
Stories that embody and explore ideas and questions not usual to representation in the world; physical phenomena made human, and human phenomena made physical. If you bumped into Gravity in a bar what would she be like? What would her tipple be? What would be her woes and troubles? Her observations, ministrations? (Fabulism)

When can I write?
Mainly weekends. Occasionally lunch breaks (when they actually exist). Definitely in transit. And now, a Friday evening, taking a break from the social scene.

Where can I write?
Cafes. Trains. Pubs. The kitchen table.

How do I write?
Mostly free-writing, with an idea of a situation, place, single line of narration or dialogue to set me off. (It’s then how I rein myself back in…). Sometimes I find the reflex angle and plan too much beforehand which makes starting oddly clunky, synthetic and functional: which annoys me to the point stopping in my trac-

Who am I writing for?
Good question. I don’t feel it’s productive for me to think on this all that much (‘audience’) as I have been unsuccessful thus far in merely writing for myself; probably a mandatory step in trying to complete something by way of my own satisfaction, my self-challenge, or self-worth/proof… If I am unable to motivate myself for these modest ends (though oneself is always a tough critic) then I don’t expect identifying an external audience is advisable!

Are these questions I have asked before?
Yes, many a time – without ever committing to the answers, much less recording them….

What, if anything, is getting in the way of my writing?
[A] ‘Practice’.
Fear of doing an injustice to an idea.
Fear of the idea doing away with my ‘talents’. (‘Off with his head!’)

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