A Rock, a Hard Place, and some Coffee

“I should have realised when I saw the word ‘Apprentice’” spat my friend, guzzling the fuel of the full-time-unemployed-application-writer (obscenely strong coffee). I consoled:

“Excuse the…lateral…use of language, but it’s symptomatic of the late ‘paradigm shift’ that has seen a stick of dynamite lit at both ends, with the only question being Which way to face when the fuse is up?” My rhetoric struck a chord, despite its redundant flamboyance.

“Which way do you think I should face, Qfwfq?” continued my friend, fanning away with yet another rejection letter. Quite why we had decided to drink coffee on the hottest day in history I do not know; perhaps it was some form of self harm. Continue reading

Tχ – ‘The Scientists’

Installation 3

The Scientists


Shifting/Shuffling my feet just a few inches at a time, arms still outstretched as though ready to throttle the first thing that may decide it wise to startle me in the impenetrable darkness, I edged my way further into the hole and farther from the ever fading half-light of day.

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