Is there such thing as a silent text?


Well at least I hope so! I’ve always had an inner voice; the voice I hear when I’m thinking, and speaking (of course).

But the eternal question (short of the use of a dictaphone or video camera!) is what do I sound like to other people?

And not simply what does my voice sound like; but how does it ‘resonate’ (in the broadest sense of the word!) ?

If I were a tune – how would I play?

If I were a soundscape – how would I feel?

Making friends

The last few weeks (since my birth-day, in fact) have been interesting. I’m not one to read a book by its cover, nor base my opinions of someone on first meeting. However I’ve been met, by those whom I’ve acquainted myself with of late, with such variety of responses. What is surprising here (and I must admit has caught me off guard) is that so many people can read me so differently, and yet I have not (to my knowledge at least) presented myself any differently on each occasion – I haven’t determined to influence how I am received, or engaged with any ‘unnatural’ presentation.

As far as I am concerned, what you see is what you get: but apparantly what you get isn’t what I would expect, and even if I did expect certain responses, that would mean I was being ‘fake’ or willfully encouraging my book to be read by its carefully constructed cover.

It’s a bit of a pickle if you ask me.

Perhaps if I record each of my encounters; observe my relationship develop with each of these new friends, I may be able to build a bigger picture.

Are we the sum of our interpretations?

Follow them with me….